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Name:Bruce Wayne
Birthdate:Jan 7
Bruce Wayne/Batman. Default Nolan-Verse.

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Any icons not credited were made by me - if you want them, steal away.

Other things of note:

I am happy to play with various Robins, but I will not ship or smut with any of them; it's just not my thing. (I am open to the possibility in AU or other scenarios where they are not and have never been his dependent).

I am happy to play with characters from any canon or medium.

I am happy to include comics (or animated) canon to facilitate play with those characters.

I am absolutely open to ongoing PSLs/verses. Just drop a PM!

My default canon point is between Batman Begins and mid-way through Dark Knight. I have no interest in playing out his retirement as Batman or living happily ever after. Beyond the point of Bane's death, I will AU him and/or pick up comics canon, depending.

I can be slower player (I clear my inbox between once a day and twice a week), but have times when I boomerang threads. If you ask me to focus on our thread, I will do it. If you want to boomerang, we can work out a time.
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